Instabrief - PV

Last night we had a little party at theprintspace London to celebrate the opening of our Instabrief exhibition. It was great to see such a big crowd turn up and have so many of our illustrators, friends and clients under one roof. A lot of beer was drunk, records were played and much fun was had by all. Here's a few photos from the night.  

Jean Jullien- Majestic Wines

We've had quite a boozy month here at HF, with Tom Haugomat's Stanley Brewing Beer illustrations, now we're proud to show off Jean Jullien's latest work for Majestic Wines. Jean created 10 stand alone images, without any name, logo or type, to buck the trend of conventional wine labels and to make them fun and playful. 

Tom Haugomat - Stanley Park Brewing

We're so excited to reveal Tom Haugomat's amazing new work for Stanley Park Brewing. Tom created a series of new illustrations for the Vancouver based craft brewers as part of a new identity created by Will Creative Inc. The images will be used across bottles & packaging, POS and as part of a launch advertising campaign.

Andrew Fairclough- Solo Exhibition 'Total Control'

After participating in group shows since 2012, our very own Andrew Fairclough opens his first solo exhibition in Australia tomorrow. His textured, vintage print style and often slightly darker themes, have culminated in this body of work that explores the "impulse control viewed through the dead-gaze of technological distraction and the mesmerising flow of infinite information...Inspired by dystopian fiction, mid-century illustration and low-brow comics, the resulting body of work constructs an uneasy yet hopeful atmosphere awash with abstract textural explorations and haphazard experiments." - No Cure Blog

It opens in Sydney Friday evening, so if you're the other side of the world from us, go check it out. Read more about it in No Cure blog here, or if that still doesn't satisfy your eyes, see the full catalogue here. 

A Little Film About... Tim McDonagh BTS

Here's a look behind the scenes during of Tim McDonagh's Handsome Frank artist video, A Little Film About... This exciting, intriguing and somewhat bizarre film was the brain-child of PAL Productions. Here's what they had to say on their thoughts on the filmmaking process: 

Making a film about Tim was a dream come true. Who wouldn't love his work? Detail like no other and really dark - you know the kind of darkness you always hope to stumble upon as an filmmaker. After a couple of rough years filming conferences I really thought this might be the break I needed. Unfortunately, I had some creative differences with the client. They couldn’t see my vision. I had all but abandoned the project when my editor, Gareth, gave me an urgent call and showed me this mysterious figure lurking in the background of all of the shots. I knew it was my duty as a documentarian to return to Brighton and find out who this person was. To deliver the truth. 

Was it scary? No. Not for me. As Werner Herzog says, “I’m simply not afraid. It’s not in my dictionary of behaviour”. The shoot was fraught with highs, lows and moral conundrums as to the ethics of documentary filmmaking. Should I intervene or not? I hope my audience is happy with the decision I made. I am currently looking to raise funds to return to Tim every five years and see how the relationship at the heart of this tale blossoms. Please look out for the Kickstarter. Dyfan Roberts.

View the film here

Photography by: Tom Robinson