Tom Haugomat - Uber

We're delighted to have worked on Uber's first big UK advertising campaign created by BBH London. The agency chose three illustrators, including our Tom Haugomat, to create a series of illustrated (and animated) executions. The brief called for colourful, character-driven styles showing a character going from one part of their day to another effortlessly: in Tom's case a man sliding down a bannister from work to a date. 

John Lewis National Treasures

The theme of this summer's John Lewis campaign is 'National Treasures', so it was no surprise when the UK retailer came knocking for Paul Thurlby, a man who is fast being a national treasure himself. Working closely with the John Lewis team, Paul has created a series of illustrations which capture the quintessential essence of a modern British summer. 

The work includes a host of characters and a variety of gloriously iconic scenes which perfectly sum up summertime in Blighty. The images have now been rolled out across all 44 UK stores and can be found adorning everything from the windows to the merchandise. Now all we need is sunshine!


In February 2017, we asked our Instagram followers for a visual brief. They just had to tag a new or existing Instagram post with #hfinstabrief in hope it would catch the eye of one our illustrators. Our artists then chose one image and produced artworks based upon them.

Earlier this month we held an exhibition of the work at Theprintspace in London. All of the winners were invited to attend along with our illustrators, clients and friends of Frank. In total 33 new artworks employing an array of techniques from vector and hand-drawn illustration, to paper-craft, embroidery and CGI imagery.

Here's a look at all of the work next to the photographs that inspired them. Prints are available to buy here

Instabrief - PV

Last night we had a little party at theprintspace London to celebrate the opening of our Instabrief exhibition. It was great to see such a big crowd turn up and have so many of our illustrators, friends and clients under one roof. A lot of beer was drunk, records were played and much fun was had by all. Here's a few photos from the night.  

Jean Jullien- Majestic Wines

We've had quite a boozy month here at HF, with Tom Haugomat's Stanley Brewing Beer illustrations, now we're proud to show off Jean Jullien's latest work for Majestic Wines. Jean created 10 stand alone images, without any name, logo or type, to buck the trend of conventional wine labels and to make them fun and playful.